About Us

Bio Data Center borned in 2017 as a personal idea, in that moment, I needed to develop a platform that can help every one find subjects fast and easy to use. lots of companies, fake websites, fake guides, complex documents and information, corrupt mind of self studies researchers and students will get confused to use which protocol and where to find them! This make me to do something and I try to download free booklets, protocols and guidebooks. and classify them, write a short note about content and sharing it on web, this result Primary Bio Data Center and after a year, I had over 200 subjects classify in different issues that help any researcher find solutions, problems and run their project.

Bio Data Center founded in 2017

BIO data center founded in 2017 by amir reza abbasian najafabadi to help people all around the world experience a fast, economic research in laboratory.

Every thing in Bio Data Center is about time and cost, Bio Data Center born to help researcher find their fast, safe and low risk solution or process in less time and minimum cost. This make first philosophy of developing a free online platform that help everyone find their solution fast and understand the process through series of high quality free to download documents.

Bio Data Center Features

bio data center help you experience a fast, economic, updated, secure & safe solution in bio laboratories.

In this way, our next step is to create a team of authors and skilled laboratory technicians to develop second phase of this project for publishing 1000 protocols and kits in different issues of biotechnology. also we are looking for support of angels and honest people to help us develop its hardware and software to make research easy and economic for everyone .

Next Project

Next project is to develop protocols and subjects to 2000 high quality subjects that help finding fast solution in biotechnology based laboratories. join us, support us to make world of research better place to live in
Amir Reza Abbasian Najafabadi
Founder and developer of BioDataCenter.ir
PhD student of Microbial Biotechnology
Phone: +98 913 289 7717
Email: info@biodatacenter.ir