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Amresco – The SOLUTION for All of Your Buffer Needs

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Buffer iranian BIo Data Center

Buffer iranian BIo Data Center

Most simply defined, a buffer is com-posed of a weak acid and its conjugatebase. A buffer is an aqueous solutioncontaining partly neutralized weak acidsor bases that shows little change in pHwhen small amounts of strong acids orbases are added.The concentration of hydrogen ions is ofcritical importance in biological and chemi-cal systems. Measurement of pH is actu-ally another way of expressing the con-centration of hydrogen ions [H+] in a solu-tion. Hydrogen ion concentrations haveimportant implications in cell metabolismby affecting the rate of enzymatic reactionsand the stability of biological molecules.For example, maintenance of an appro-priate pH range in tissue culture media iscritical to the growth and viability of allcultured cells.The efficiency of many chemical separa-tions and the rate of many chemical reac-tions are ruled by the pH of the solution.Buffers can be used to control the rate andyields in organic synthesis.The hydrogen ion concentration is also animportant parameter to control in numer-ous laboratory research techniques suchas: electrophoresis, chromatography, andimmunoassays. Uncontrolled pH can re-sult in unsuccessful immunoassays sincethe required protein-protein interactionscannot occur efficiently outside the rangeof physiological pH.

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