BIO RAD Sample Preparation Handbook

Sample preparation involves a wide range of techniques which, in most cases, make use of small chromatographic columns, filters, and media to transform a sample which cannot be directly analyzed into one that fits the requirements of the analytical technique to be used. In the past, sample preparation techniques have been most closely associated with classical chromatographic analysis. Currently there is a growing interest in sample preparation for other analytical methods in molecular biology and biotechnology. This guide will assist the biochemist or molecular biologist in selecting appropriate sample preparation methods. It covers common techniques in sample preparation and explains separation strategies and alternatives. Bio-Rad offers a complete line of products for sample preparation applications, and a technical staff to assist you in designing an effective protocol for your application.For more information on products or applications, contact your Bio-Rad representative, or, in the US, call 1-800-4BIORAD and press 2 for technical service.

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