BioToolomics: SuperSpin Desaltor


Based on the principles behind size exclusion chromatography, cross-linked neutral polysaccharide particles with very small pores are packed into spin tubes for rapid desalting and / or buffer exchange. SuperSpin Desaltor achieves desalting or buffere exchange in just a few minutes. Up to 24 samples (depending on the type of microcentrifuge) of 10 – 100 μl can be processed in one spin. It is a much faster and more efficient approach when compared to dialysis tubes or membrane ultrafiltration. The small porous particles provide huge surface area with very short diffusion distance, which means small molecules such as salt can be partitioned rapidly. In comparison, both dialysis tube and membrane have very low surface area. It always takes much longer to conduct dialysis (typically from a few hours to a few days). Membrane ultrafiltration of small samples always experiences membrane blockage and severe loss of valuable materials.

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