Bryophytes (Mosses) Expression System- Greenovation

Bryophytes expression system

The Bryotechnology uses the small moss Physcomitrella patens as production system for the recombined or genetic production of proteins. The production of proteins in mosses has the advantage that it is simple, reliable and cost efficient. Moss is the only known plant system which shows a high frequency of homologous recombination. This attribute allows for targeted gene insertion as well as for targeted gene knockouts. The homologous recombination of moss is a highly attractive tool for production strain design and is used to knock-out plant-specific glycosylation enzymes.
This permits the removal of plant-specific glycosylation patterns and retaining glycosylation patterns that are highly similar to those found in human cells. The moss protonema is grown under photoautotrophic conditions in a medium which consists essentially of water and minerals.
Light and carbon dioxide serve as the only energy and carbon sources.

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