ESETEC Secretion System




ESETEC® technology provides an innovative and highly efficient E. coli expression system, which enables secretion of native
recombinant protein products into the fermentation broth. This simplifies primary recovery and purification processes. The system is based on a two-step export mechanism:

– First, the target product is transported across the cyto- plasmatic membrane into the periplasmatic space via the sec-pathway. During this step the signal peptide is cleaved off, releasing the native product.
– The second step is mediated by a unique feature of the proprietary WACKER Secretion Strain. The correctly folded product is secreted from the periplasmatic space across the outer membrane into the culture broth.
Yields as high as 7 g/l have already been obtained. E. coli K12 derivative, biosafety level , genetically well characterized; stable in commercial-scale fermentation. Different genetic variants available, e.g. protease deletion mutants. Additional Helper Elements of the ESETEC® System:  Cytoplasmic chaperones.  Components of the secretion apparatus. Periplasmic chaperones. Disulfide bridge formation factors.

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