Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

GE-HEALTHCARE Bio Process Product guide

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GE- Healthcare

Taking biopharmaceuticals from research to market involves transfer from the lab bench, through first-in-human trials, to widespread use by patients. Great care is needed to ensure high quality, while not jeopardizing efficacy or process economy. Meanwhile, the clock is running – production schemes need to be finalized as quickly as possible to ensure maximal returns. To help you meet these challenges, GE Healthcare has developed a range of products, platforms technologies, and services designed to assist you with efficient and robust production

Reducing time to clinic

Optimizing your production processes offers competitive advantages and is essential to both drug discovery and production. However, discovery labs and pilot plants impose very different challenges on these production processes. The challenges are to take methods from an explorative discovery environment , manage them through testing and clinical trials, and then optimize them to meet the stringent demands of a highly regulated production environment . All the time the pressure is on to secure drug safety and ensure processing robustness and economy. Our aim is to help teams plan, experiment and optimize, manage regulatory requirements, and make smoother transitions into clinical trials and manufacture. This helps bring drug candidates to market in a faster, simpler, more reliable and cost-effective manner.

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