HYGLOS Endo Trap Endotoxin Removal System

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EndoTrap is a brand new affinity matrix for the efficient removal of bacterial endotoxins from solutions. EndoTrap can be employed both in batch or chromatography mode. EndoTrap has been developed for the removal of endotoxins from aqueous solutions containing low or high molecular weight substances. Frequently, endotoxin removal from protein solutions is insufficient with standard methods including ultrafiltration, ion exchange chromatography, or two phase extraction. The high affinity of EndoTrap ligand to endotoxin enables the efficient capturing of endotoxins even at very low endotoxin concentrations. The EndoTrap ligand is immobilized covalently on beaded agarose to ensure negligible leakage of EndoTrap ligand. The endotoxin binding capacity of EndoTrap in aqueous buffers is about 2 x 106 EU/ml matrix. Non specific binding of proteins to EndoTrap is extremely low, delivering a mass yield which typically exceeds 95 %. The EndoTrap system can be reused at least 3 times without loss of endotoxin removal efficiency!

Removal of endotoxin is one of the most difficult downstream processes during protein purification. Many commercially available products are unable to remove endotoxin satisfactory, or require time consuming incubation steps. In many cases, complete endotoxin removal is only achieved with massive substrate loss.

Removal of endotoxin below the detection limit is not only a problem of detection. More importantly, strong selectivity is required. Common late downstream protein solutions are concentrated between 0,1 – 50 mg/ml.Reduction or removal of endotoxin to less than 1 ng/mg (10 EU/mg) is a very difficult task. By using selective sorbents, endotoxin removal from proteins has clear limits. Only methods with highest endotoxin removal capacity combined with excellent recovery rates of the target substance are reasonable and acceptable.To meet exactly these most challenging requirements, profos AG has developed EndoTrap®. EndoTrap® is based on affinity chromatography by a new, extremely specificlig and for efficient removal of endotoxin without incubation. Extreme ligand stability combined with a sepharose matrix for lowest unspecific substrate binding guarantee highest protein and other compound recovery rates.

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