HYGLOS – EndoTrap® blue and EndoTrap® red

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EndoTrap is an affinity matrix for the efficient removal of bacterial endotoxins from solutions. EndoTrap can be employed both in batch or chromatography mode. EndoTrap has been developed for the removal of endotoxins from aqueous solutions containing low or high molecular weight substances. Frequently, endotoxin removal from protein solutions is insufficient with standard methods including ultrafiltration, ion exchange chromatography, or two phase extraction. We refined EndoTrap to the EndoTrap-family, so that you can choose a specialized product for your desired applications. EndoTrap blue and EndoTrap red have similar characteristics to remove endotoxin. The products are different basically in their buffer compatibilities. Following tables give a short overview of the differences of both EndoTrap systems. For detailed information please read our FAQ ́s for EndoTrap blue and EndoTrap red.

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