RBP : RNA Bioinformatical Platform

RNA is a very strategic key point in Biotechnology and Modern molecular solutions such as mRNA Vaccine, siRNA, miRNA, Gene Silencing Technologies, Aptamers, Nanobiosensors, CRISPER and hundreds of concepts that aim to control biological systems for special purpose using RNA molecules.

RNA as an strategic molecule in biological systems that act as an important mediate molecule and have a multiple purpose and multiple target role that make it strategic in synthetic Biology.

Iranian Bio Data Center as a pioneer research group in Bioinformatics aimed to power & Design a platform that can use parallel computing with high tech, optimized algorithms to analyze and Design RNA Molecules which is called RBP “RNA Bioinformatics Platform” .

RBP, aimed to use different algorithms, platforms and solutions in one connected platform that help to analyze one molecule with different aspects in a biological system or in synthetic environment.

RBP Atomic Scale analysis use high-tech quantum computing that decrease errors and make simulation and calculations near real laboratory experiments and results. RBP use atomic scale optimization algorithms that will improve and optimize molecular structure to act perfect in laboratory and experiments.

RBP platform is running under experimental version and soon will be available for unlimited commercial use in associate with “Iranian Bio Data Center” corporation.

RBP Services are available for limited user under license of Iranian Bio DataCenter corporation. RBP Services are limited based on ethic issues and all analysis run under offline parallel computing system.For more information and requesting our Digital catalogue, contact “Iranian Bio Data Center”.