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New Service:  HIV NGS data analysis

New Service: HIV NGS data analysis

First step for understanding HIV behavior is to analyzing its unusual whole genome content that is RNA with high mutation and change that make each virus unique. Identifying whole genome residue by residue will create a roadmap for a better medical services.
NGS data can help make a wide range of cure strategies against virus in patient body and also can help understand geographical source of virus. Knowing HIV whole genome content can help us select an economic and effective drugs for a better experience of cure.
NGS data analysis is not usual for RNA virus contents and need details to make it useful for medical purposes. Bio data center corporation make it happened with optimized platform that aimed to make HIV NGS data easier to understand for medical purposes.

How HIV informatics will help?

How HIV informatics will help?

Understanding molecular informatics of HIV virus help to have a long time vision for each patient. HIV informatics will make a better cure experience by decreasing cost and time of cure, drug resistance prediction, suggesting clinical strategies, risk ranking calculation and increase cure method effectiveness. HIV informatics create a vision to estimate risk of transmission in a country and between neighbor countries. HIV informatics also create a vision of HIV drugs and medical needs for next decade and it would be a success point for health management systems.
For a country with 1200 case of HIV-infected people estimation shows about 240 million dollar saving during disease period. HIV informatics also can help immigration program to understand and control special population in an exact area in borders and control high risk societies and HIV hot point zones in cities and countries. All of these information will lead to a roadmap of HIV future in a country that can help make national and political decision easier for governmen

BIo Data Center HIV Informatics Pilot Platform

BIo Data Center HIV Informatics Pilot Platform

Iranian Bio Data Center Power and design first pilot project on HIV informatics.

This pilot platform aimed to help government and systems to manage and monitor HIV in different aspects in countries and geographical zones.

List of HIV informatics Services predicted for first pilot stage is mention below that you can get more information from this link.

List of HIV Informatics Services:

      HIV NGS data analysis
      Drug resistance prediction
      Clinical strategy suggestions
      HIV geographical source tracking
      Patient risk ranking