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New Service:  HIV Geographical source tracking

New Service: HIV Geographical source tracking

Understanding geopolitics resources of HIV/AIDS is an important issue to control HIV in society with high immigration rate. Controlling and having a geopolitical map for HIV hot points will lead to a roadmap for political decisions.
Bio Data Center use a high tech optimized algorithms to track geographical resource of HIV virus in each patients and fnd experienced based databases that can result a better cure process.

How HIV informatics will help?

How HIV informatics will help?

Understanding molecular informatics of HIV virus help to have a long time vision for each patient. HIV informatics will make a better cure experience by decreasing cost and time of cure, drug resistance prediction, suggesting clinical strategies, risk ranking calculation and increase cure method effectiveness. HIV informatics create a vision to estimate risk of transmission in a country and between neighbor countries. HIV informatics also create a vision of HIV drugs and medical needs for next decade and it would be a success point for health management systems.
For a country with 1200 case of HIV-infected people estimation shows about 240 million dollar saving during disease period. HIV informatics also can help immigration program to understand and control special population in an exact area in borders and control high risk societies and HIV hot point zones in cities and countries. All of these information will lead to a roadmap of HIV future in a country that can help make national and political decision easier for governmen