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New Service: HIV Courses

New Service: HIV Courses




HIV is one of unusual RNA based viral agents that transmit by a limited special ways and aim human immunity system that after a common period shows a wide variety of symptoms. These issues make HIV informatics & Bioinformatics, a strategic point in medical vision to this disease.

Understanding HIV virus in molecular dimensions and create a roadmap can help groups and government to control and cure this virus in a safe way. Bio data center with new solutions using different algorithms and tools make this process available.

We are ready to help educate and setting up informatics and bioinformatical platforms for HIV. Doing a big things need a big team and we are ready to design courses and workshops for making world a better place to live in.









HIV Molecular Biology:


First step for understanding HIV is to understand structure and function of HIV virus molecules, genome and pathogenesis mechanism. This course will help students knowing HIV basics and its suitable for the people whom want to do researches professionally.



List of content:

HIV Scientific references

HIV History

HIV Taxonomy

HIV Genome

HIV Molecules ( Structures and functions)

HIV Pathogenesis mechanism

HIV Cure process in molecular dimensions

Molecular study protocols and laboratory protocols

HIV challenges

Top scientific groups and their research vision

Newest HIV researches

Ethic in molecular studies about HIV

Standards and world wide policy about HIV

How to start a way in HIV research




HIV Informatics:


This course aimed to understand different aspects of HIV and make a complete profile for each patient. This profiles make a great database for monitoring and controlling HIV in societies and geographical zones. This course aimed to make a wife vision to information that can be extract and analyze during study of HIV in a patient.



List of content:

databases theory

HIV phenotype information

HIV genotype information

HIV Geographical hot points

HIV Clinical profile

Human behavior profiling

Patient monitoring solutions

Patient risk assessment

Minimalism theory

Security of information

Protocols and standards

Ethic in HIV Informatics





HIV informatics Analysis:


Analyzing information is second important step after collecting true information from patients. This is important to analyze data and manage results. This course is aiming to create a vision and ability to analyze information that collected from HIV patients. From molecular data to clinical and medical reports.



List of contents:

HIV informatics basics

Information management

Priority if information

Concepts and definitions

Analysis tools

Analysis protocols

Security and ethic in analysis


Results management

how to use data and results







HIV NGS data analysis:


NGS “Next Generation of Sequencing” Is one of pioneer techniques that made understanding genome contents of organisms available in molecular dimensions. NGS is a key to understand phylogeny and source of one organisms. This course is aiming to introduce all aspects of NGS analysis for HIV Virus.



List of contents:

HIV genome basics

Next generation sequencing basics

Laboratory Standards

Commercial kits and techniques

HIV Laboratory protocols

Data standards

Software and algorithms for NGS data analysis

Result assessment

Data optimization

Reports standards







HIV Drug resistance prediction “Genotype Tests”


Treatment of HIV with drugs is one of main issue during cure process because of price, time and challenges like Drug resistance.

This course aimed to help analysis molecular data and use different bioinformatical tools and algorithms to predict drug resistance in HIV patient based on Virus Genome contents.



List of contents:

HIV Molecular biology basics

HIV Pathogenicity mechanism

Bioinformatics Basics

HIV Drugs and molecular strategies for treatment

Laboratory protocols for Drug resistance Prediction

Bioinformatical tools & Platforms for Drug resistance prediction

Bioinformatical protocols

Data optimization

Reports standards






HIV Geographical Source Tracking:


HIV transmission between societies and geographical zones make a big challenge for government to protect their countries from HIV. Understanding Geographical source of HIV virus in patients and hot zones in cities and countries can help governments and medical services to make a better monitoring and controlling this disease.



List of Contents:

HIV basics

HIV Transmissions

HIV Statistics

Geographic concepts


Transmission behaviors

Geographic risk assessment

Geographic tools and platforms

Protocols and standards

Data optimization

Report standards.

Ethic and Security in Geographic tracking




HIV Patient Risk assessment


Risk assessment is one of main issue in management science and and one of important information that can be predict by different algorithms and experience based databases to predict different aspects of HIV risks for a patients.

This course will emphasize on the different aspects of risks and tools for risk assessment.



List of contents:

HIV basics

Risk and management concepts and definition

HIV monitoring protocols

Risk factors

Risk assessment algorithms

Risk assessment tools

Protocols and standards

Data optimization

Report standards

Ethic and security in risk assessment







HIV forensic science:


Using HIV as a biological agent to make a social pollution is one of main issues that always make big challenges in scientific societies. Understanding sources and behaviors will lead to a vision to this issue. HIV forensic science is a solution to study different aspects of HIV in societies and create security wall against HIV pollution.



List of contents:

HIV basics

Large data mining concepts

Forensic science concepts

Forensic tools and algorithms


Ethic and security











Power & Design HIV Bioinformatics Laboratory:


HIV bioinformatics laboratory is one of strategic needs for any country with over 200 patients. Bio data center is honored to power and design HIV bioinformatics laboratory to help countries experience a better management on this viral disease.

Bio data center is honored to give free consult for countries and medical service providers all around the world.

For more information contact us at aranax8@gmail.com or info@biodatacenter.ir







Power and Design HIV Informatics Laboratory:


Create a wide vision to HIV patients and make a complete profile for large data mining make a strategic needs to HIV informatics laboratory for manage and monitor HIV patients. Bio data center is honored to help countries and HIV centers for power and design their own local HIV informatics laboratory for control and manage this disease easy and controllable.

For more information about this service contact by : aranax8@gmail.com or info@biodatacenter.ir





New Service: HIV Drug resistance prediction

New Service: HIV Drug resistance prediction

HIV virus because of high mutational rate shows a variety of behavior against commercial drugs during cure process. Create a medical profile based on the genome contents and previous experience in similar cases can help medical systems choose a suitable strategy during period of cure.
Drug resistance prediction is an important issue that can have an irreversible effect on patient body. Genotype drug resistance testing can create a road map and long time vision and help patient and medical services use an effective and economic solution for make a better cure experience for patient. Creating genomics profile of HIV and use high tech algorithms to predict details can lead to a large money saving.

How HIV informatics will help?

How HIV informatics will help?

Understanding molecular informatics of HIV virus help to have a long time vision for each patient. HIV informatics will make a better cure experience by decreasing cost and time of cure, drug resistance prediction, suggesting clinical strategies, risk ranking calculation and increase cure method effectiveness. HIV informatics create a vision to estimate risk of transmission in a country and between neighbor countries. HIV informatics also create a vision of HIV drugs and medical needs for next decade and it would be a success point for health management systems.
For a country with 1200 case of HIV-infected people estimation shows about 240 million dollar saving during disease period. HIV informatics also can help immigration program to understand and control special population in an exact area in borders and control high risk societies and HIV hot point zones in cities and countries. All of these information will lead to a roadmap of HIV future in a country that can help make national and political decision easier for governmen

BIo Data Center HIV Informatics Pilot Platform

BIo Data Center HIV Informatics Pilot Platform

Iranian Bio Data Center Power and design first pilot project on HIV informatics.

This pilot platform aimed to help government and systems to manage and monitor HIV in different aspects in countries and geographical zones.

List of HIV informatics Services predicted for first pilot stage is mention below that you can get more information from this link.

List of HIV Informatics Services:

      HIV NGS data analysis
      Drug resistance prediction
      Clinical strategy suggestions
      HIV geographical source tracking
      Patient risk ranking