Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Novagen – Insect PopCulture® Reagen

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Insect PopCulture Reagent is a buffered mixture of concentrated detergents formulated to extract proteins from insect cells directly in their culture medium. During a 15 minute incubation, Insect PopCulture disrupts the cell membrane without denaturing proteins and protects them from the pH extremes in high-density culture media. Insect PopCulture simplifies sample preparation and is compatible with a number of protein analysis and purification methods, making it an ideal reagent for rapid screening. To reduce viscosity, Benzonase Nuclease® may be added to the reagent. Benzonase degrades endogenous nucleic acids that may interfere with processing due to high viscosity and interaction with proteins of interest. Insect PopCulture can be used for suspension cultures or adherent cells. The target protein can be extracted from the cells with Insect PopCulture and directly purified from the total culture extract in the original culture flask or plate. Yields are generally higher than those obtained from cell pellets because the total culture also contains proteins released into the medium through secretion or cell lysis (1). The Insect PopCulture extraction procedure is ideally suited to high throughput (HT) robotic processing of samples for proteomics research or any application that would benefit from the increased yield, speed and convenience. Insect PopCulture extraction and purification in a 96-well format can be achieved with Insect RoboPop™ Ni-NTA His•Bind® Purification Kit (Cat. No. 71257-3).

Download Novagen Insect Pop Culture Manual PDF

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