Novagen – Insect RoboPop™ Ni-NTA His•Bind® Purification Kit


Insect RoboPopTM Ni-NTA His•Bind® Purification Kit DescriptionInsect RoboPop Ni-NTA His•Bind Purification Kit 71257-3 The Insect RoboPop Purification Kit is designed for high throughput (HT) purification of His•Tag® fusion proteins directly from transfected or infected Sf9 cultures without cell harvest, mechanical disruption or extract clarification. The kits feature Insect PopCulture® Reagent, Benzonase® Nuclease, Ni-NTA His•Bind Resin and buffers for efficient protein extraction and affinity purification. The Insect RoboPop Purification Kit is designed to purify fusion proteinsfrom 10 ml cultures using the 2 ml 96-Well Filter Plate, which is compatible with standard filter manifolds for manual and robotic processing. A Collection Plate and Sealer is provided for storage of the purified proteins. The RoboPop Ni-NTA His•Bind Purification Kit will purify up to 400 μg His•Tag fusion proteins per well, based on the binding capacity of the resin. Using 10 ml cultures, protein yields ranging from 60–140 μg/culture were achieved with several mouse and human protein kinases expressed in pIEx™ transient expression vectors (1)

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