Novagen – RoboPop™ Ni-NTA His•Bind® and GST•Bind™ Purification Kits

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The RoboPop Purification Kits are designed for high-throughput (HT) purification of His•Tag®and GST•Tag™ fusion proteins directly from E. coli cultures without cell harvest, mechanical disruption, or extract clarification. The kits feature PopCulture® Reagent, rLysozyme™ Solution, Benzonase® Nuclease, Ni-NTA His•Bind or GST•Bind Resin, and buffers for efficient protein extraction and affinity purification. These RoboPop Purification Kits are designed to purify recombinant fusion protein from 96 × 5 ml cultures using a 2-ml well capacity filter plate. The 96-Well Filter Plate is compatible with standard filter manifolds for manual and robotic processing. Automated processing is validated on the MultiPROBE® II HT EX liquid handling workstation (from PerkinElmer Life Sciences) and the Genesis Freedom™ Workstation (Tecan). A 96-Well Collection Plate (1.0-ml wells) and Sealer is provided for storage of the purified proteins. The RoboPop Ni-NTA His•Bind Purification Kit will purify up to 96 mg His•Tag fusion proteins per plate (up to 1 mg/well) and the RoboPop GST•Bind Purification Kit will purify up to 77 mg GST•Tag fusion proteins per plate (up to 0.8 mg/well). Stated yields are based on 5-ml culturesand binding capacities of the resin, and vary with expression levels, folding properties, and solubilities for individual fusion proteins

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