PALL SDR HyperD® Detergent Removal and Solvent removal (e.g. Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate – or TnBP)

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SDR HyperDis a composite sorbent thatcombines a silica-bead moiety filled with athree-dimensional cross-linked hydrophobicpolymer. The particle size distribution (40-100 μm),the small pore size of the silica beads andthe nature of the polymer have been opti-mized for a retention of solvents and deter-gents typically used in viral inactivationprocesses (i.e. Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate – TnBP– and Triton* X-100).

The adsorption mechanism involves boththe silica moiety and the hydrophobic poly-mer. The adsorption of Triton* X-100 is pro-portional to the silica surface area, whereasthe adsorption of TnBP is linked to bindingto the organic polymer moiety. The mainfeatures of SDR HyperDsorbent are sum-marized in Table I and the adsorptionmechanism represented in Figure 1.

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