PALL Trisacryl® GF05 M


Trisacryl® GF05 M, LS Size Exclusion Chromatography Sorbents. Designed for desalting and for the separation of small molecules. 40-80 μm for M grade & 80-160 μm for LS grade for fractionation at high flow with low pressure, designed for industrial scale.

Trisacryl®GF05 sorbent is composed of a highly hydrophilic copolymer designed for medium pressure gel filtration chromatography.Trisacryl®GF05 is designed for desalting and for the separation of small molecules.Trisacryl®GF05 provides a wide range ofadvantages over existing gels :

■High separation efficiency.

■Large desalting capacity, up to 33%of the gel volume.

■Small particle size (40-80 μm for Mgrade) with narrow bead size distribu-tion for laboratory use.

■Large particle size (80-160 μm for LSgrade) for fractionation at high flowwith low pressure, designed for industri-al scale.

■Ready and easy to use.

■High flow rates.

■Non biodegradable.

■Highly stable in acidic media.These characteristics allow Trisacryl®GF05 sorbents to perform chromato-graphic separations quickly and withgreat selectivity under medium pressure, sterile conditions, and in the absence of any non-specific interactions with the matrix.

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