QIAGEN: EasyXpress™ Large-Scale Synthesis Handbook

QIagen Bio Data Center

EasyXpress™ Large-Scale Synthesis Handbook – EasyXpress Protein Synthesis Mega Kit – EasyXpress NMR Protein Synthesis Kits – For large-scale production of proteins by in vitro translation for structural analysis (up to 5 mg of recombinant protein) in E. coli lysates. The EasyXpress NMR Protein Synthesis Kit allows incorporation of the stable-isotope–labeled amino acids threonine, arginine, valine, serine, or lysine. Fifteen further EasyXpress NMR Kits are available for incorporation of any of the remaining 15 amino acids with an isotopic label. The EasyXpress Protein Synthesis Mega Kit allows incorporation of the unnatural, cytotoxic amino acid selenomethionine  facilitating phasing of crystal protein structures and atomic structure determination using X-ray crystallography

QIAGEN EasyXpress Large Scale Handbook Manual PDF

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