ROCHE – Complete Lysis-M. Reagent


cpmplete Lysis-M allows very efficient and gentle extraction of pro-teins from both the cytoplasm and the nucleus of cultured mammaliancells. Efficient lysis of mammalian cells occurs in only 5 minutes atroom temperature, eliminating the need for scraping, sonication orfreeze-thaw cycles. The Lysis-M protein extraction reagent for mam-malian cells contains a mild detergent in 25 mM bicine buffer (pH 7.6).The protein yields obtained with this kit are significantly higher com-pared to those obtained using sonification. Lysis-M Reagent is compatible with many different applications,including reporter assays (e.g.,ß-galactosidase, luciferase, chloram-phenicol acetyltransferase), immunoassays (e.g., Western blots,ELISAs, RIAs), protein assays (e.g., protein kinase A, protein kinase C,and tyrosine kinase), and protein purification. Furthermore, the celllysate is compatible with protein assays such as Coomassie stainingand BCA (2 ́-Benzoyloxycinnamaldehyde) protein assays, and thereagent can be removed by dialysis.Lcpmplete, Mini tablets contain EDTA. If the protein of interest is tobe purified by IMAC (immobilized metal-chelate affinity chroma-tography), e.g., Poly-His tagged recombinant proteins, EDTA has tobe eliminated (e.g., by dialysis) prior to the chromatography. Alter-natively, the product cpmplete Lysis-M, EDTA-free can be used(see table “Ordering Information”).

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