Roche – The complete Guide for Protease Inhibition

Roche Protease Iranian Bio Data Center

Proteases are ubiquitous in all living cells. At the time of cell lysis, proteases are released and can quickly degrade any proteins in the extract. During isolation and purification, proteolytic damage can affect funtionality and reduce yields of protein.Contaminating proteases can be inhibited by protease inhibitors, protecting theprotein of interest from degradation.Roche Applied Science offers a broad selection of protease inhibitors, as well as optimized lysis reagents, to ensure maximum yields of intact and functional proteins.The cpmplete Guide for Protease Inhibition is a resource to help you select the appropriate inhibitors and lysis reagents for your applications, and includes informa-tion regarding the specificity, stability, effectiveness, and safety of these products.

Downloa ROCHE_Protease Inhibition Guide Book PDF

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