Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

ROCHE_Rapid Translation System RTS9000

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System components

The Rapid Translation System RTS 9000 consists of the RTS ProteoMaster and the RTS 9000 E.coli HY Kit. The kit contains reagents and reaction devices for a single 10 ml reaction (Cat. No. 3 290 395) or 3 separate 10 ml reactions (Cat. No. 3 290 468) for large scale, cell free protein expression.5HDFWLRQ SULQFLSOH In the RTS 9000 Reaction Device, transcription and translation take place simultaneously in a central 10 ml

Reaction Compartment

Substrates and energy components essential for sustained protein expression are continuously supplied from the Feeding Compartment (100 ml) across a semi-permeable membrane. As the reaction proceeds, inhibitory reaction by-products diffuse through the same membrane into the Feeding Compartment. Protein is expressed for up to 24 hours yielding up to 50 mg of control CAT protein in a single compartment of the RTS 9000 Reaction Device.


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