TAKARA – Brevibacillus Expression System


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Brevibacillus (Bacillus brevis) Expression System is an excellent and high-efficient protein production system. This bacterium, a Gram-positive microbe, is characterized in particular by its ability to secrete/produce large amount of proteins. This characteristic has been successfully used in the secretory production of a large number of heterologous proteins. Recent studies have shown that this bacterium is excellent not only in secretory productions but also in intracellular productions. Proteins that insolubilize and precipitate when produced by E. coli may be recovered in a soluble state when produced by this bacterium. This system is recommended for the production of functional proteins that are naturally produced intracellularly but  become insolubilized and cannot undergo in vitro refolding when produced by E. coli. This system has the following features: efficient intracellular production of soluble heterologous proteins
easy to culture and sterilize amenable to genetic manipulations
a safe host With high transformation efficiency by electroporation, this host is amenable to genetic manipulation. Using a shuttle vector between this bacterium and E. coli, expression vectors can be constructed in E. coli. A vector with a His-tag inserted to the N-terminus is also available. The target protein can be easily purified using a histidine tagged protein purification column. The His-Tag can be removed by exposing the purified protein to enterokinase treatment

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