THE NEST GROUP Ultra-filtration and Dialysis

The NEST group

Ultra-filtration, Dialysis, Spin Columns or 96 Well Plates for Salt Removal – Buffer Exchange Salt Removal – Buffer Exchange MicroDialysis, Equilibrium Dialysis, and Electroelution. Single-Sided Biodialyzer, Double-Sided Biodialyzer, Disposable Dialyzers, Equilibrium Dialysis and Membranes and Electroelution

The unique Biodialyzer™ microdialysis system for the dialysis of small sample volumes has many applications. Made of Teflon®, atotally inert, biocompatible, and autoclaveable material, sample volumes can be as low as 10μL. The biodialyzer family consists of morethan 50 different types of systems which can be joined together in hundreds of combinations for various applications, includingequilibrium dialysis and electroelution

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