THERMO: Extracti-Gel D Detergent Removing gel

Extracti-Gel® D Detergent Removing Gel has low non-specific binding characteristics. However, since this gel has anexclusion limit of 10,000 MW, components of lower molecular weight will be able to enter the pores and interact with theaffinity ligand. This may result in the loss of small molecules such as peptides. We recommend that macromolecules fromwhich detergents are to be removed have a molecular weight in excess of 10,000. Additionally, solutions that are extremelydilute with respect to the concentration of a macromolecule (i.e. 50 μg/ml or less) may result in a severe yield loss due tonon-specific binding regardless of the type of chromatographic support used. In such cases, we recommend the inclusion of acarrier molecule such Bovine Serum Albumin (0.1%) in the sample to mask any of these sites so that high recoveries may beobtained. Extremely hydrophilic detergents may not bind to this gel as well as hydrophobic ones.

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