THERMO: High-Performance Dialysis and Desalting

international center for biotechnology information

Dialysis is a separation technique that gained popularity in lifes cience laboratories during the 1950s. Research papers of that era described dialysis as a new, cutting-edge tool that scientists could use to unravel complex mixtures of bio macromolecules.Many of the dialysis theories established at that time are the cornerstones for contemporary products featured in this brochure. There are, however, two major differences between the dialysis tools of yesterday and today – preparation time and the amount of sample loss due to leaks. Early laboratory dialysis methods involved dedicating a significant amount of time to membrane preparation; Pierce dialysis products are essentially ready to use and resist sample leakage.New developments in dialysis techniques were stagnant during the last few decades, while ultrafiltration systems flourished fueled by advances in non-cellulose membranes and accessibility of bench-top centrifuges. Ultrafiltration via centrifugation was the established convention until Pierce introduced the Slide-A-Lyzer®Dialysis Cassette in 1994.

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