THERMO: Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue

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As new discoveries of human disorders are being linked to mitochondrial dysfunction, there is an increasing need for aneffective method to isolate intact mitochondria from tissues. The Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue offers two methodsfor isolation of intact mitochondria from both soft and hard tissues. The first method uses a unique reagent-based procedurethat enables simultaneous multi-sample processing. The second method relies on traditional Dounce homogenization fortissue disruption and subsequent isolation of the organelle. Both procedures rely on differential centrifugation to separate theintact mitochondria using a bench-top microcentrifuge and are completed in less than 60 minutes. In addition, bothprocedures have been optimized for maximum yield of mitochondria with minimal damage to its integrity. The isolatedmitochondria may be used for a number of downstream applications, including 2D/MS for proteomics research, diseaseprofiling and metabolic studies

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