VIVASCIENCE Concentration of Peptides with Vivaspin 500 Ultrafiltration Devices

The NEST group

It is often useful and desirable to reduce the volume of a protein sample in order to carry out further analysis. The are many applications which require the protein or peptide to be contained in a small volume.For example, many protein purification experiments require the eluate from a particular method to be concentrated in order to enable the sample to be tested for activity in some form of tissue culture assay.Similarly, column eluates to be run on PAGE gels must be concentrated to a small volume for loading.Other applications may require the recovery and concentration of peptides, such as the products of protein proteolysis experiments in which the peptides are required for mass spectroscopic micro sequence analysis. In this application note, we have used a 3 kDa MWCO PES membrane incorporated into Vivaspin500 ultra filtration devices to concentrate two peptides.

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