VIVASCIENCE Vivapure® C18 Micro spin columns

Vivapure®C18 Micro spin columns are innovative membrane-based devices for concentration, purification and desalting of peptides prior to analysis by mass spectrometry. The columns are prepacked with a membrane containing C18 hydrophobic chains for reversed-phase chromatography.The Vivapure C18 spin columns are the size of standard microcentrifuge tubes. Thus, a few centrifugation steps replace tedious repetitive pipetting procedures for sample preparation.Moreover, this centrifugal format allows multiple samples to be processed in parallel without need of expensive special equipment.With Vivapure C18 spin columns,up to 200 μl of highly dilute peptide solutions can simultaneously be desalted and concentrated. This results in higher resolution of the MALDI MS spectra, enabling the analysis of less than 25 fmol of proteins.

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