VIVASCIENCE Vivaspin Turbo 15 ultrafiltration spin columns

Roche Protease Iranian Bio Data Center

Vivaspin®Turbo 15 centrifugal concentrators offer the optimal solution to any concentration or buffer exchange application with their broad range of MWCOs.Highest flow rates are achieved due to the irdouble verticle membranes which minimize protein polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane. Additionally, their sleekinternal profile ensures maximum process speeds right down to the last 150 μl.The UVjoining technology allows for a smooth jointtransition between membrane and plastic housing, allowing complete sample recovery from the unique pipette friendly dead stoppocket. The dead stop pocket (patent pend-ing) is an impermeable concentrate pocket integrally moulded below the membrane sur-face, thereby eliminating the risk of filtration to dryness.The Vivaspin®Turbo 15 devices are the optimal solution for protein concentration fromdilute samples e.g. after chromatography,cell culture supernatants or fermentation broths.

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