VIVASICENCE – Removal of DNA from lysates of E. coli cells and French bean tissue prior to electrophoresis.


Routine preparation of cell lysates forelectrophoresis and for Westernblotting require pre-treatment of thesample to prevent the high molecularweight DNA from interfering withprotein separation on SDS PAGE gels.Most commonly, this procedureinvolves shearing the DNA by passingthe sample through a small gaugeneedle. However, this is a timeconsuming process which is difficultto reproduce and which often doesnot completely solve the problem ofsamples being too viscous to enterthe gel efficiently.Enzymatic digestion of the DNA withDNase would be another option toshearing contaminating DNA. Thismethod has the disadvantage ofcontaminating the sample with anadditional protein and the risk ofdegrading the proteins of interestduring the mandatory enzymaticincubation at 37°C.In our experiments, we haveemployed the Vivascience DNARemoval Kit to effectively removeDNA from two different lysateswithout loss or degradation of theproteins. Samples were then analyzedon SDS PAGE gels.

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